Fort Pulaski

So for my next Savannah adventure, I decided to check out Fort Pulaski. Named after Casimir Pulaski (from Poland), who came to America to help fight in the American Revolution. Construction ran from 1829 to 1847 and took 25 million bricks and 1 million dollars. The fort was positioned along the south channel of the Savannah river and was far enough inland to avoid any cannon fire from enemies. Or so they thought! See, before the Civil War, the best cannon balls were only accurate for about half a mile and could only shoot about a mile total. Then, when the Civil War came around, someone came up with a sleeve that went inside the cannon that would twist and a different style cannon ball that was conical. The sleeve with the new ball made the cannon balls go farther and have more accuracy. This new technology eventually accounted for the Union taking back the fort.

But wait… the fort was built before there was even a Confederacy so shouldn’t the fort have already been held by the Union? Not so much. After the fort was finished, it was decided that it should only be staffed by one guy (and probably also his wife) so when the South started to leave the Union, they just marched right up to the fort with their guns and took it. Even then, the fort didn’t hold as many guns/cannons that were possible and the peak capacity was around 1000. That seemed normal for me, but when the guide said this, everyone was in shock so I guess it was pretty low.

The men stationed in the fort began to hear noises during the night but when they looked out where the noises were coming from during the day, they didn’t see anything. So a MONTH (fools!) later, they realized the noises they were hearing were Union troops unloading cannons and guns and rolling them across the beach. They were all set up with the guns aimed directly at the fort. The Confederate troops weren’t worried though because the walls were supposed to be impenetrable. But remember those special cannon balls I told you about before? Yeah, the walls weren’t impenetrable for long. The battle only lasted 36 hours before Olmstead said, “K! Take my sword! we’re done!” in an act of surrender. Since he did it honorably though, he got his sword back a few days later. The battle probably would have lasted longer but one of the enemy shots went through the fort and into the gun powder room.

So the Union repaired the damage to the inside of the fort and kept it as their own. The fort was made into a national park shortly after WWI and I think was put back into military use during WWII then opened again to the public after.

Looking east

Fun fact! The officers had FLUSH toilets! However they flushed into the moat and then the moat had to be flushed, but still! Livin’ large. Now, alligators live in it.

Cut away view of the floor

The brownish bricks came from a plantation near Savannah. The red bricks were brought in from outside states because they were stronger. The fort today has 95% of its original brick and around 50% of its original floor boards. The fort was said to be “floating on mud” but was built well enough that the bricks didn’t separate over the years. Fascinating.

Those boards were set up all around the fort and piled with dirt to prevent cannon balls from doing a lot of damage. There were also trenches dug in the center area to catch rolling balls. As you walked through the center, you could feel where the ground was uneven.

The side of the fort that was bombarded by enemy fire. See the L shape in the first picture? The guide said a square outline was made and then the center was repeatedly hit which is what allowed the wall to crumble. The red brick is the repaired part that the Union fixed after the surrender.

gun powder

After the wall was busted in, it made it easy for cannon balls to go straight through to the other side and hit this room full of gun powder. The surrender was shortly after.

During the battle, only 1 soldier per side died. However, the fort was also a POW camp for sometime and some people died during that time too (from diseases and malnutrition and the like). There was a few grave sites set up outside of the fort to remember those lost.

It’s probably a good thing that fort wasn’t used for that long because this insane water-gathering system was in place. At the top of the fort there was a layer of earth and grass, then a layer of oyster shells, then a layer of lead sheets that was connected to lead pipes. When it rained, it would filter through each level and that’s where their water came from. Hello, lead poisoning!

Entrance to the park was only $3 and my receipt is good for the next 6 days in case I didn’t get enough fort the first time. Savannah is making me like history again.



The most magical place on earth

And no, I’m not talking about Disney World.

Last month my mom sent me on an adventure to find the best cupcake in Savannah. Her and my brothers were coming to visit and she did not want to waste her time on a crappy cupcake. I googled cupcake places and only came up with about 4 locations. Among the possibilities was a bakery called Two Smart Cookies. I assumed they specialized in cookies but I thought maybe they would have cupcakes too. Little did I know the trip to this bakery would change my life forever.

They didn’t have any cupcakes, as should have been expected, but they had a whole display case of cookies. Sugar cookies with almond icing, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies, monster cookies, ginger cookies, some other oatmeal cookies with craisins and white chocolate chips, brownies, “smart” cookies,  lemon squares, and probably some other delicious baked goods. I knew the cookies had to be fresh because you could see employees baking and decorating them behind the counter. Plus, they were selling packages of day old cookies for $3.50. Since I was already there, I decided to get a chocolate chip cookie.

Since I still had some cupcake hunting to do, I took one bite out of the cookie when I got in my car. I put the cookie back in the wrapper it came in, turned on my car and headed out of the parking lot. Before I hit the main road, the cookie was gone. That’s how good it was. In fact, it was THE BEST chocolate chip cookie I have EVER had in my LIFE. If you knew me, you know that is very high praise because if anyone is picky about baked goods, it’s me. But seriously, this cookie was the perfect amount of soft with just a little give on the top. The perfect chocolate chip to cookie ratio. The perfect after taste. The perfect during taste. This cookie was just perfect. At that point, I didn’t even want to look for cupcakes anymore. I just wanted to sit in there and eat cookies all day. I knew I had to take my family when they came to visit.

When they came, we went again. Mom enjoyed the jewelry on display, something that I didn’t even really notice on my first visit. We purchased a peanut butter cookie, an oatmeal raisin cookie, two cut-out sugar cookies, and the delicious chocolate chip cookie. The oatmeal cookie was for my boyfriend because he would be a better judge of how good it was because I can count the number of oatmeal cookies I have eaten on one hand. Tanner’s favorite is peanut butter and Casey picked a sugar cookie. They were all gone when we got in the car. Mom was jealous of my chocolate chip cookie. My mom even sneaked a brownie sample when no one was looking and claimed it was better than her brownies. Second visit was a success.

My mom is forcing me to bring home Two Smart Cookies cookies the next time I come home. She’s asked me if I’ve gone back at least 5 times since she left Savannah. I’ve thought about going back every day. Mostly because I wanted to get a brownie. If my mom thinks the tiny sample was better than her (AMAZING) brownies, then it’s definitely worth a trip across town to get a full brownie. And that’s what I did today.

Another good thing about this place is the prices. You’re not paying 2 dollars a cookie so it’s really easy to buy more cookies. On my third visit I bought a brownie, a monster cookie, and two chocolate chip cookies.

My mom wanted me to call her when I tasted the brownie to get my reaction. When I hadn’t called her she sent me a text, “well???”. I hadn’t even made it back to my apartment yet and I was going to make some lunch first but I didn’t want to keep her waiting so I tried the brownie. At first I didn’t think it was anything special… and then the flavors fell over my taste buds. It wasn’t a fudgey brownie, but the cakey part was moist enough to feel like a fudgey brownie. The nuts were the appropriate size and did not ruin the chewing experience. Naturally, I had to take one more bite to put the taste on lock. Did someone say something about lunch?

Lunch consisted of half of the monster cookie and a full chocolate chip cookie. I had to save something for my boyfriend, even though he doesn’t freak out about baked goods like I do. When he got off of work, I showed him his present and watched as he nonchalantly ate the rest of the monster cookie without rolling his eyes back in his head of letting his shoulder relax in a sigh of heavenly relief or anything! When I told him it’s the most magical place on earth he disagreed and said the Coca-Cola Factory is so I guess I can’t be too offended. I did tell him the rest of the goodies were for him but if they weren’t eaten by tomorrow, I would have to eat them. They’re sitting on the coffee table now while he plays video games and drinks his second tall glass of coke in less than an hour. They’re calling out to me…



I’ve been reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I saw the movie a long time ago at a sleep-over party and once I moved to Savannah, I watched it again. I came across the book at Goodwill and I decided to buy it. The book is always on display at gift shops so I figured I better read it before I have to say no to multiple Savannahians that ask if I’ve read it.

Anyway, there is a cemetery in downtown Savannah that is the subject of ghost tours and historical tours. Fact! Union soldiers got bored while they stayed in Savannah and vandalized some of the headstones, broke into family vaults for warmth, and used headstones as target practice. The guide told me there are over 10,000 people buried in the cemetery. You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at it. It’s probably only two or three blocks in size. The headstones are definitely weathered. They say the oldest person buried there is 1700 years old (from the Union soldiers vandalism) but I did not have the patience to try to read every marker to find him. I feel I should also mention there are some markers that were moved and when people came along later to try to put them back where they belonged could not find where they went so they just stacked them all up along the back wall. And when I say “some” I mean around 50.

Until this past weekend, boyfriend and I thought the downtown cemetery was the same cemetery in Midnight in the Garden. Afterall, the rest of the movie/book is set in downtown Savannah so why not? We were wrong. We really wanted to look for Bonaventure Cemetery which is about 10 miles out of downtown in the little township of Thunderbolt! I wanted to go on an adventure to visit this famous cemetery so that’s what I did. I was really adventurous too because I didn’t even use my Garmin! However, Thunderbolt isn’t that big and chances are any road I picked would lead me to the cemetery.

I really should have done my research before hand. This cemetery is HUGE! I figured I could just walk around and find the famous bird girl statue, take a picture, and leave.

1 inch = 60 feet

I walked around for about an hour and couldn’t find the statue. I thought I was getting close when I saw two people looking through an iron fence at some statue but as I got closer, I realized they were actually paying their respects. Woops. The statue they were looking at was really pretty though. In fact, the entire cemetery is really beautiful!

At the back of the cemetery you can see a creek that runs in between the islands/marshes (third picture). I think you can even see part of the cemetery in the distance when you drive down Victory going into town. It was a pretty windy day today so the leaves on the oaks would sway back and forth too. It was very serene. Most of the plots had “perpetual care” carved in somewhere but there were other plots with a “do not service” sign. This was neat because what would make someone choose one over the other? A money thing? A status thing?

Still, even the “do not service” plots were in good shape. The whole cemetery was in very good condition. You could read the majority of the inscriptions on the headstones. Probably because they were more recent, but none of the plant life had overtaken any of the plots. In the Colonial Park Cemetery (the downtown one), the markers were from the 1800s. Most of the markers at Colonial Park are covered in moss or other elements and the inscriptions were fading.  The markers at Bonaventure seemed to be from the mid 1900s and I even found a couple marked within the last 10 years. Another difference was there were not a lot of family vaults at Bonaventure, but there were a lot of family plots. The vaults that I did find were older.

The vaults though were fancier than the ones at Colonial Park. I don’t know if that’s a period difference or just because the people buried in Bonaventure had more $$$.

As I made my way around the back side of the cemetery, I found a building. The building was a Synagogue or a Temple or something for the Jewish faith. And it is located in the area with a lot of Jewish headstones. It is separated from the rest of the cemetery by an asphalt road. It’s possible that it was a completely different cemetery all together. I found it interesting though. The headstones were also placed closer together.

The red brick building in the left corner is the Jewish place of worship. This was only part of it. I wasn’t sure what the etiquette is for taking pictures in a cemetery and I didn’t want to be disrespectful. Or haunted.

There was also a mini-Arlington.

About half the allotted space was filled up. I didn’t see anyone from Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom. I liked it though because all the markers were the same just like in Arlington. Bonaventure is a lot more shady though.

So where it the bird girl statue? I had walked around long enough so I decided to go back home and look it up. Another time when an Iphone would have been helpful. I’m glad I didn’t walk around any more too because Wikipedia told me that after the book was published, the family had the statue donated to the Telfair museum so the plot wouldn’t be disturbed. I did find out where the statue used to be though so next time I go, I’ll look for the Trosdal family plot. I actually think I saw that family’s plot so I’ll know where to go next time.



I was going through some old pictures today and I realized my acne really has gotten a lot better. I’m overall pretty pleased with my appearance (on most days) but my acne has been my nemesis for years. I’ve been battling with my face since Junior year of high school when it really started to take off. My first memorable flareup coincided with a new hairstyle so I thought maybe where my hair fell on my face made the acne show up. I swore off bangs and face-framing layers in an attempt to prevent my hair from touching my face. Luckily, I’ve always left the house with at least one hair-tie around  my wrist so my hair usually gets put back in a pony anyway, eliminating the need for any nice hairstyle all together. My complete lack of fashion and hairstyling skills is a topic for another day.

Much to my disappointment, my hair was not the cause of my acne. So my next plan of attack was face washes. Tons. Of. Face washes. I’ve probably tried every kind of product available. Generic vs name brand. Cleansers vs exfoliaters. Salicylic vs Benzoyl. You get the picture. My favorite one was Clean&Clear Oxygenating Fizzing Cleanser. Brought to the market around the summer of 2006. It didn’t completely clear up my face, but it definitely kept the flare-ups at bay. I loved it so much I asked for it for Christmas that year and Santa brought me 2 bottles. Sadly, once my bottles ran dry, I could no longer find it on the shelves. I’m pretty sure Clean&Clear replaced it with the Morning Burst line. If anyone sees my long-lost-acne-fighting-friend in the store, please let me know. And the oxygenating scrub does not work the same.

So there I was, standing in the facial cleanser aisle, deciding what my next weapon should be. This day was probably the start of my really bad habit of buying too many face washes. A habit that I think I have passed on to my younger brother. A habit that has also transcended into Shampoo. I’m trying to cut back on both. Right now I have 3 bottles of face wash (and two moisturizers) and 4 bottles of shampoo/conditioner in my shower along with 2 bottles of shampoo/conditioner waiting for when one runs out. Significant improvement considering I threw away 10 bottles of expired face wash last year. When I go to the store, I have to stay clear of the face product aisle because I will more than likely see something new, something on sale, or just something that smells good and I’ll have to get it.

Since I felt like my acne wasn’t getting better, it was just saying the same. I decided I wanted to see a dermatologist. That was weird. He spent 5 minutes touching my face and looking down my shirt and asking if I had any moles or searching for bacne or something. Then he prescribed two things. One was something with Benzoyl peroxide and the other was Differin gel. The idea was I would use the Differin in the morning and the Benzoyl one at night. I used it how I was supposed to for a while but it wasn’t really helping either. And the Benzoyl peroxide bleached my pillowcases. Bye-bye prescriptions!

Around this time, I started college. That’s when the battle really started to heat up. By this time I was so used to not spending a lot of time looking at my face, I had no idea how bad it was until I looked at those pictures I was telling you about earlier. I stuck with the face wash thing for a while and found a new favorite. I don’t remember the name anymore, but it came with a night/day thing and made your face feel so refreshed after using it. They probably don’t carry it anymore either.

I was in the dark about my face situation until I came home one time and I was wrestling with my brother and he said something like “I don’t want to touch your face because it’s bumpy”. Bumpy? That’s what every girl dreams of hearing about her face! I decided to check it out. and Ew. It really WAS bumpy. I wanted to go see another doctor. Wouldn’t you know it! My primary doctor had just got some credentials to prescribe face stuff or laser treatment or something. He waltzed in the door and asked how I was doing. When I replied I was good, he took my face in his hands and shook my head and said “you are not good”. That’s right. HE took MY face in HIS hands and HE shook MY head. Ever since then, I dread seeing my doctor. He looked at my face with a bright light under a microscope and he prescribed me something else. Something that had to be refrigerated. It didn’t work either and it bleached my other pillowcases AND a new Gators shirt. You think I would have learned by this time.

The next idea was to go the herbal route. I think this was more of a spur of the moment kind of thing and it wasn’t very thought out or well executed. My mom and I went down to the herbal store and talked to a sales associate who explained the best way to fight acne was to do it from the inside out. He went down the line and picked up vitamins and syrups and supplements and like fools, we purchased them all. The vitamins were easy enough to use. I took 3 different ones a day along with my regular face washing routine. However, there are still herbal things that I never opened because, well, they kind of grossed me out a little. My apologies to my mom, but the acne won that fight.

As time went on, the war seemed to be winding down and you could actually see where the enemies had fallen. They left nice little pockmarks all over my cheeks. My next step was logically peels that claimed to reduce the appearance of scars, Mederma, and Bio-oil. Bio-oil helped with the redness and the peels helped clean my face, but nothing was really getting rid of the scars. I was about to give up on my 6 year fight when my mom told me she met a new plastic surgeon that was giving out free consultations. It took a little convincing but I figured I would give it a shot. It was free after all.

The doctor was very nice and explained my condition to me very thoroughly. He said I had two things going on. One I can’t remember the name but it was basically the redness on my cheeks, nose, and chin. The other was “ice-pick acne”. He started with the ice-pick acne and said the only treatment was surgery. He said I would be under anesthesia and he would take a scalpel and cut down the middle of the scar and then stitch it back together. He also didn’t recommend it because I had way too many and instead of having acne scars, I would just have surgery scars. He said, “I would say go for it if you only had one, but you have eleven, twelve, thirteen, fifteen on your one cheek alone.” He said I could try the chemical peels but they take off a thin layer of skin and there is a chance of more redness and more scaring. I was fine with this prognosis. Ice-pick acne makes me sound more BA. Like all good doctors are taught, he followed with the good news. The redness could be treated with a simple cream! A skin bleaching cream applied to the affected area once daily. However, once I stopped using the cream, the redness would come back. He wrote me a script and I got it filled. Now, whenever I apply the cream, I think Michael Jackson, RIP.

So that’s where I stand now. I’m using my face washes and moisturizers consistently and then apply my skin bleaching cream at night. I try to keep from touching my face as much as possible and I avoid haircuts that leave strands in my face. I drink plenty of water and try to keep my stress at a minimum. Birth control really does help keep the monthly breakouts at bay and makeup does wonder for evening out my complexion. I refrained from using makeup before because I didn’t want to do anything to anger the acne. I’m still not so good with the make-up application but I’ve started using it regularly. Sometimes I wonder if my appearance is going to prevent me from getting a job so I try my best to make my face look as good as it can when I go on interviews. No amount of makeup can hide the ice-pick scars though, but at least the redness isn’t there to draw your eyes right to them.

Evolution of Acne

Started out innocent enough…

I didn’t have a digital camera in high school so I don’t have a picture of the first flare up. This is from the beginning of freshman year of college.

This was around finals time. Starting to deploy more men.

And then sometime after this is when it started to get out of control. It’s hard to say if it was because I didn’t follow through on my regiments, it was a hormonal thing, or just a coincidence. Chicken or egg.

You can really see it in those pictures. I think there’s even some ice pick acne scars showing up in the third one. Not really sure on the dates with these pictures but they were all taken at some point between January 2006 and August 2008.

I guess at some point between graduating and starting grad school, my acne decided to take a break. I still felt it was a BIG problem though just because it had been for so long. And I may be vain.

This was me Fall semester 2009.

This was me today. Not really a fair comparison because the lighting is different. I still have some red but at least the bumpies are gone.



So about a month ago we adopted a cat from the Humane Society. We always knew we were going to get a pet, but there was no set time frame. I hoped it would be a puppy meaning it would be when we got a house and had a yard. But we went to a friend’s house for her birthday and she had a fluffy kitty that chased shadows and my boyfriend decided we should get a cat and there was no time like the present. I tried to fight it saying we should wait until I was employed. Tried using the “but what about getting a dog” argument. In the end, we compromised on going to the shelter and looking and maybe talking about it.

At the shelter, I said hi to the dogs first and wanted to take all of them home and then we moved on to the cat part. There were some kittens but mostly older cats and some strays that were brought in from mindful citizens. I started talking to the cat in the first cage, a 1 year old tabby colored one, and it was being all sweet and rubbing its neck on my hand through the cage and twirling all around. And then I moved on to other cats and the first cat started meowing and showing off so, the sucker that I am, couldn’t ignore her. Meanwhile, boyfriend is playing with the tiny kittens.

I know kittens are cute, but I knew I didn’t want a kitten because of all the work. Plus our apartment wasn’t kitten proof and I didn’t want wires to be eaten or kittens to go missing under or in things. The cat I found was perfect because it was still young and full of life, but was past the kitten stage. Plus she liked me. I asked boyfriend what his top three were and he said two of the kittens and then the ham in the first cage. I thought he might have included her to appease me, but I wasn’t going to question it and suggested we take her into the play room.

I was amazed at how much smaller she looked once we took her out of the cage. And she sniffed around a lot and chased a bouncy ball. She also caught a fly out of mid air. I was sold. Let’s fill out those adoption papers!

There was a mandatory 48 hour waiting period. In the mean time, we got toys.

Adoption is definitely a high. Waiting around for the call, getting the call, going to the shelter and getting finalized paperwork, taking your new pet home, and watching it explore. I can only imagine adopting a child would be 1023224x cooler.

We talked about changing her name. Her previous owners named her “Go-La” and we weren’t really sure how to say it. We were also nervous because the Lakers were in the playoffs a year ago and we really didn’t want it mean Go L. A. since we are both Magic fans. She has white paws so “Snowshoes” was thrown around, but that didn’t really flow well. We started saying “Gola” like “Angola” and she responded to it so it just stuck. Weird name for a weird cat. She plays fetch and likes to hang out in the drying rack when we dry clothes.

Sometimes she’ll romp around with her toys in there and you just see the clothes moving. It’s awesome. Mostly because she has mouse toys and she hunts them and throws them and then pounces on them. In 5 minute bursts of course, then she takes a nap. Excuse the boxers in the picture, btw.

So that’s Gola. You’ll be hearing more about her. Since I’m home all day she provides me with endless entertainment. Today I let her on the porch and there was a man playing fetch with his dog and she was interested. She put her little paws on the porch rail and watched the ball move back and forth. I don’t know what she would have done if the dog picked up on her scent and started charging. Now she’s sleeping in a little ball next to me on the couch using her paws as a pillow. When I was eating leftover steak for lunch, she tried to paw at it off my plate but listened when I said “no” and just watched me instead.

I’m still a dog person, but Gola is the coolest cat ever.


laundromat anyone?

In our tiny apartment we have a washer and drier. Which I am completely grateful for. For the first 2.5 years of college I lived in a dorm and walking down the stairs with a basket full of laundry to the coin-operated machines and waiting until those machines opened up or until someone who started their laundry and decided to go on a 5 day cruise returned to claim their laundry was enough to convince me never to live in a place that didn’t include a washer and drier. However, in our tiny apartment, we have a half-size stackable washer and drier. I find myself doing laundry at least twice a week and at least two loads each time.

So I decided to go to a laundromat to save myself time and only do one load of laundry a week? Nope. I decided to go to a laundromat because our new kitty had diarrhea and in the process of climbing over the comforter may have gotten a poop smear on it. Our half-size stackable washer is not big enough to fit a full size fluffy comforter. And since I’m not in the business of sleeping under cat feces, a trip to the laundromat was required. Not desired.

So after finding all my dollars and quarters and doing the regular two (three this time because there were enough whites to do a full load) loads of laundry, I headed to the laundromat. Oops, I forgot my soap. Not wanting to waste my money on buying soap there, I turned around and headed back to my apartment.  On the way, I thought to myself, “Man, I wish laundromats will develop a cash to card system so people don’t always have to bring spare change when they go” I remember college doing something like that with your ID.

When I got to my destination, they HAD developed a cash-to-card system. However, they ONLY had a cash-to-card system. No coins allowed. Not in the machines. Not for the cash-to-card system. Great. Oh, and laundromat prices had exponentially sky rocketed since the last time I was in one so the 3 dollars in cash and 3.50 in quarters would only be enough for 1 load and 1 dry cycle. However, since more than half of my money was in coins (no coins allowed, remembered?) I didn’t even have enough for my one load. Luckily, they had an ATM available. Yay service charges!

So I purchased my laundry card (for 1 dollar, so now I was down to 2 usable dollars) so I made a withdrawal of $20. I thought about putting it all on the laundry card in case I had to wash the comforter again, but I couldn’t convince myself to buy a $20 gift card to wash clothes. I bought a small soda from the convenience stand for $0.86 to make change. It was nice to see they weren’t over charging. And then I added money to my laundry card.

I really liked the cash-to-card system. After all, it was only 30 minutes before that I was saying how nice it would be if they had one. However, did the cash-to-card machine have to have its volume all the way up? I’m standing 2 inches from the screen, I don’t need people a mile away hearing that I’m taking too long to make my decision or I have made an invalid selection or if I NEED MORE TIME? Cash-to-card is a good thing.

But the bad thing is the laundromat’s chair placement. They had a full row of chairs. Facing outside and not next to any machines. I enjoy the laundromat because I get to see the clothes swirl around in the washers and driers. This place took out the only joy of a place full of metal and lint. Also, the laundromat was nice enough to install 5 flat screen TVs. Which all faced the back. So if you wanted to sit, you had to stare at a parking lot. If you wanted to watch TV, you had to stand with your neck at a 70 degree angle. What did I do? I leaned. On the folding tables at the back of the store and texted my brothers while listening to the news. Wishing the entire time that I had an Iphone and a folding chair. At least I had my soda.

So anyway, my comforter was done being washed, and the laundromat was really filling up and I was worried about having to walk to the other side of the store to use a drier. Luckily there were still a few available in front of me. I put my comforter in one and realized there was tape over the laundry card reader. And also over the reader to the drier next to it. With my eyes scrambling over all the driers, I find one that is not out-of-order. However, there is another woman with loads and loads of laundry filling up driers with her wet clothes. Do I assume she will need this available drier to my left and go on down the line to find another drier to use? After all she is older than me and is wearing hospital scrubs and probably has had a long day. I’m only unemployed and have nothing better to do so I might as well find another drier, right? Wrong. I took that drier to my left, slid my laundry card in and started her up. The woman didn’t end up needing my drier so I didn’t feel bad.

After three 8 minute drying cycles. (The man who came up with 8 minute increments is a genius. No one dries clothes for only 8 minutes and he always will guarantee himself at least two payments out of everyone who uses the drier.) My comforter was still damp in the middle but I drying it  for 8 more minutes would require another trip to the loud-mouthed cash-to-card machine so I decided to take my comforter and run. I knew I could just lay it flat on the bed once I got home to finish drying it.I just hoped the poop stain actually came clean.

I left the laundromat feeling accomplished. And a little stupid for thinking it was going to be a stress free adventure. Next time, I’ll be better prepared. I’ll bring cash withdrawn from my bank and probably a portable chair. Maybe even I’ll have a job and I’ll be able to purchase that Iphone so I can play bejeweled blitz while waiting on my clothes to finish tumbling.

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