So about a month ago we adopted a cat from the Humane Society. We always knew we were going to get a pet, but there was no set time frame. I hoped it would be a puppy meaning it would be when we got a house and had a yard. But we went to a friend’s house for her birthday and she had a fluffy kitty that chased shadows and my boyfriend decided we should get a cat and there was no time like the present. I tried to fight it saying we should wait until I was employed. Tried using the “but what about getting a dog” argument. In the end, we compromised on going to the shelter and looking and maybe talking about it.

At the shelter, I said hi to the dogs first and wanted to take all of them home and then we moved on to the cat part. There were some kittens but mostly older cats and some strays that were brought in from mindful citizens. I started talking to the cat in the first cage, a 1 year old tabby colored one, and it was being all sweet and rubbing its neck on my hand through the cage and twirling all around. And then I moved on to other cats and the first cat started meowing and showing off so, the sucker that I am, couldn’t ignore her. Meanwhile, boyfriend is playing with the tiny kittens.

I know kittens are cute, but I knew I didn’t want a kitten because of all the work. Plus our apartment wasn’t kitten proof and I didn’t want wires to be eaten or kittens to go missing under or in things. The cat I found was perfect because it was still young and full of life, but was past the kitten stage. Plus she liked me. I asked boyfriend what his top three were and he said two of the kittens and then the ham in the first cage. I thought he might have included her to appease me, but I wasn’t going to question it and suggested we take her into the play room.

I was amazed at how much smaller she looked once we took her out of the cage. And she sniffed around a lot and chased a bouncy ball. She also caught a fly out of mid air. I was sold. Let’s fill out those adoption papers!

There was a mandatory 48 hour waiting period. In the mean time, we got toys.

Adoption is definitely a high. Waiting around for the call, getting the call, going to the shelter and getting finalized paperwork, taking your new pet home, and watching it explore. I can only imagine adopting a child would be 1023224x cooler.

We talked about changing her name. Her previous owners named her “Go-La” and we weren’t really sure how to say it. We were also nervous because the Lakers were in the playoffs a year ago and we really didn’t want it mean Go L. A. since we are both Magic fans. She has white paws so “Snowshoes” was thrown around, but that didn’t really flow well. We started saying “Gola” like “Angola” and she responded to it so it just stuck. Weird name for a weird cat. She plays fetch and likes to hang out in the drying rack when we dry clothes.

Sometimes she’ll romp around with her toys in there and you just see the clothes moving. It’s awesome. Mostly because she has mouse toys and she hunts them and throws them and then pounces on them. In 5 minute bursts of course, then she takes a nap. Excuse the boxers in the picture, btw.

So that’s Gola. You’ll be hearing more about her. Since I’m home all day she provides me with endless entertainment. Today I let her on the porch and there was a man playing fetch with his dog and she was interested. She put her little paws on the porch rail and watched the ball move back and forth. I don’t know what she would have done if the dog picked up on her scent and started charging. Now she’s sleeping in a little ball next to me on the couch using her paws as a pillow. When I was eating leftover steak for lunch, she tried to paw at it off my plate but listened when I said “no” and just watched me instead.

I’m still a dog person, but Gola is the coolest cat ever.


1 Response to “Gola”

  1. 1 Mommy
    August 22, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    I love Gola! She is a nice little friendly kitty cat. Almost makes me change my allegiance to cats. Almost.

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