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The most magical place on earth

And no, I’m not talking about Disney World.

Last month my mom sent me on an adventure to find the best cupcake in Savannah. Her and my brothers were coming to visit and she did not want to waste her time on a crappy cupcake. I googled cupcake places and only came up with about 4 locations. Among the possibilities was a bakery called Two Smart Cookies. I assumed they specialized in cookies but I thought maybe they would have cupcakes too. Little did I know the trip to this bakery would change my life forever.

They didn’t have any cupcakes, as should have been expected, but they had a whole display case of cookies. Sugar cookies with almond icing, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies, monster cookies, ginger cookies, some other oatmeal cookies with craisins and white chocolate chips, brownies, “smart” cookies,  lemon squares, and probably some other delicious baked goods. I knew the cookies had to be fresh because you could see employees baking and decorating them behind the counter. Plus, they were selling packages of day old cookies for $3.50. Since I was already there, I decided to get a chocolate chip cookie.

Since I still had some cupcake hunting to do, I took one bite out of the cookie when I got in my car. I put the cookie back in the wrapper it came in, turned on my car and headed out of the parking lot. Before I hit the main road, the cookie was gone. That’s how good it was. In fact, it was THE BEST chocolate chip cookie I have EVER had in my LIFE. If you knew me, you know that is very high praise because if anyone is picky about baked goods, it’s me. But seriously, this cookie was the perfect amount of soft with just a little give on the top. The perfect chocolate chip to cookie ratio. The perfect after taste. The perfect during taste. This cookie was just perfect. At that point, I didn’t even want to look for cupcakes anymore. I just wanted to sit in there and eat cookies all day. I knew I had to take my family when they came to visit.

When they came, we went again. Mom enjoyed the jewelry on display, something that I didn’t even really notice on my first visit. We purchased a peanut butter cookie, an oatmeal raisin cookie, two cut-out sugar cookies, and the delicious chocolate chip cookie. The oatmeal cookie was for my boyfriend because he would be a better judge of how good it was because I can count the number of oatmeal cookies I have eaten on one hand. Tanner’s favorite is peanut butter and Casey picked a sugar cookie. They were all gone when we got in the car. Mom was jealous of my chocolate chip cookie. My mom even sneaked a brownie sample when no one was looking and claimed it was better than her brownies. Second visit was a success.

My mom is forcing me to bring home Two Smart Cookies cookies the next time I come home. She’s asked me if I’ve gone back at least 5 times since she left Savannah. I’ve thought about going back every day. Mostly because I wanted to get a brownie. If my mom thinks the tiny sample was better than her (AMAZING) brownies, then it’s definitely worth a trip across town to get a full brownie. And that’s what I did today.

Another good thing about this place is the prices. You’re not paying 2 dollars a cookie so it’s really easy to buy more cookies. On my third visit I bought a brownie, a monster cookie, and two chocolate chip cookies.

My mom wanted me to call her when I tasted the brownie to get my reaction. When I hadn’t called her she sent me a text, “well???”. I hadn’t even made it back to my apartment yet and I was going to make some lunch first but I didn’t want to keep her waiting so I tried the brownie. At first I didn’t think it was anything special… and then the flavors fell over my taste buds. It wasn’t a fudgey brownie, but the cakey part was moist enough to feel like a fudgey brownie. The nuts were the appropriate size and did not ruin the chewing experience. Naturally, I had to take one more bite to put the taste on lock. Did someone say something about lunch?

Lunch consisted of half of the monster cookie and a full chocolate chip cookie. I had to save something for my boyfriend, even though he doesn’t freak out about baked goods like I do. When he got off of work, I showed him his present and watched as he nonchalantly ate the rest of the monster cookie without rolling his eyes back in his head of letting his shoulder relax in a sigh of heavenly relief or anything! When I told him it’s the most magical place on earth he disagreed and said the Coca-Cola Factory is so I guess I can’t be too offended. I did tell him the rest of the goodies were for him but if they weren’t eaten by tomorrow, I would have to eat them. They’re sitting on the coffee table now while he plays video games and drinks his second tall glass of coke in less than an hour. They’re calling out to me…


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