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laundromat anyone?

In our tiny apartment we have a washer and drier. Which I am completely grateful for. For the first 2.5 years of college I lived in a dorm and walking down the stairs with a basket full of laundry to the coin-operated machines and waiting until those machines opened up or until someone who started their laundry and decided to go on a 5 day cruise returned to claim their laundry was enough to convince me never to live in a place that didn’t include a washer and drier. However, in our tiny apartment, we have a half-size stackable washer and drier. I find myself doing laundry at least twice a week and at least two loads each time.

So I decided to go to a laundromat to save myself time and only do one load of laundry a week? Nope. I decided to go to a laundromat because our new kitty had diarrhea and in the process of climbing over the comforter may have gotten a poop smear on it. Our half-size stackable washer is not big enough to fit a full size fluffy comforter. And since I’m not in the business of sleeping under cat feces, a trip to the laundromat was required. Not desired.

So after finding all my dollars and quarters and doing the regular two (three this time because there were enough whites to do a full load) loads of laundry, I headed to the laundromat. Oops, I forgot my soap. Not wanting to waste my money on buying soap there, I turned around and headed back to my apartment.  On the way, I thought to myself, “Man, I wish laundromats will develop a cash to card system so people don’t always have to bring spare change when they go” I remember college doing something like that with your ID.

When I got to my destination, they HAD developed a cash-to-card system. However, they ONLY had a cash-to-card system. No coins allowed. Not in the machines. Not for the cash-to-card system. Great. Oh, and laundromat prices had exponentially sky rocketed since the last time I was in one so the 3 dollars in cash and 3.50 in quarters would only be enough for 1 load and 1 dry cycle. However, since more than half of my money was in coins (no coins allowed, remembered?) I didn’t even have enough for my one load. Luckily, they had an ATM available. Yay service charges!

So I purchased my laundry card (for 1 dollar, so now I was down to 2 usable dollars) so I made a withdrawal of $20. I thought about putting it all on the laundry card in case I had to wash the comforter again, but I couldn’t convince myself to buy a $20 gift card to wash clothes. I bought a small soda from the convenience stand for $0.86 to make change. It was nice to see they weren’t over charging. And then I added money to my laundry card.

I really liked the cash-to-card system. After all, it was only 30 minutes before that I was saying how nice it would be if they had one. However, did the cash-to-card machine have to have its volume all the way up? I’m standing 2 inches from the screen, I don’t need people a mile away hearing that I’m taking too long to make my decision or I have made an invalid selection or if I NEED MORE TIME? Cash-to-card is a good thing.

But the bad thing is the laundromat’s chair placement. They had a full row of chairs. Facing outside and not next to any machines. I enjoy the laundromat because I get to see the clothes swirl around in the washers and driers. This place took out the only joy of a place full of metal and lint. Also, the laundromat was nice enough to install 5 flat screen TVs. Which all faced the back. So if you wanted to sit, you had to stare at a parking lot. If you wanted to watch TV, you had to stand with your neck at a 70 degree angle. What did I do? I leaned. On the folding tables at the back of the store and texted my brothers while listening to the news. Wishing the entire time that I had an Iphone and a folding chair. At least I had my soda.

So anyway, my comforter was done being washed, and the laundromat was really filling up and I was worried about having to walk to the other side of the store to use a drier. Luckily there were still a few available in front of me. I put my comforter in one and realized there was tape over the laundry card reader. And also over the reader to the drier next to it. With my eyes scrambling over all the driers, I find one that is not out-of-order. However, there is another woman with loads and loads of laundry filling up driers with her wet clothes. Do I assume she will need this available drier to my left and go on down the line to find another drier to use? After all she is older than me and is wearing hospital scrubs and probably has had a long day. I’m only unemployed and have nothing better to do so I might as well find another drier, right? Wrong. I took that drier to my left, slid my laundry card in and started her up. The woman didn’t end up needing my drier so I didn’t feel bad.

After three 8 minute drying cycles. (The man who came up with 8 minute increments is a genius. No one dries clothes for only 8 minutes and he always will guarantee himself at least two payments out of everyone who uses the drier.) My comforter was still damp in the middle but I drying it  for 8 more minutes would require another trip to the loud-mouthed cash-to-card machine so I decided to take my comforter and run. I knew I could just lay it flat on the bed once I got home to finish drying it.I just hoped the poop stain actually came clean.

I left the laundromat feeling accomplished. And a little stupid for thinking it was going to be a stress free adventure. Next time, I’ll be better prepared. I’ll bring cash withdrawn from my bank and probably a portable chair. Maybe even I’ll have a job and I’ll be able to purchase that Iphone so I can play bejeweled blitz while waiting on my clothes to finish tumbling.


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